The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free.


About Holistic Psychotherapy

Well over 2500 years ago the Greek physician Hippocrates emphasized that it was not sufficient to focus on just one aspect of a person's distress. He believed the wise physician should also consider a patient's psychological and spiritual needs. 

Today holistic practitioners continue to consider the entire person: the physical, the psychological, and the spiritual areas.

Imbalance in one area will often affect other areas. 

For example,  suppose we are seriously worried (the mind) about something. That worry may manifest in physical terms, experiencing headaches, heartburn, increased blood pressure, etc.; this is how the body enters a state of imbalance.

Worry/anxiety - depending on its origin - may lead us to "deeper" questions, such as, "Why me?", "Who am I?", "What is my purpose in this life?", "Is this life all there is to it?", etc.  This is your inner, spiritual side registering the imbalance and trying to find some sort of equilibrium, a meaning. 


As you see with this example, one distressed area may lead to distress in other areas!  

In holistic psychotherapy, we look at the interplay between mind, body and spirit.


                                                  ABOUT ME

I am a retired ICU nurse (BSN degree).


I hold an Advanced (pre-Master) degree in British literature.


I am a Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor; my Texas license number is 80346.


My Clinical Mental Health Counseling education has a focus/specialization in Trauma & Crisis assessment and intervention.   


I am a Certified Mind-Body Practitioner.


I consider myself a holistic counselor, and I practice holistic psychotherapy.

I welcome you to my practice, where I strive to provide you with a warm environment conducive to your personal growth.












Patrizia Lalonde, MS, LPC, RN-BSN (Ret.), BA (Adv.), MBP-C

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